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Personal Identity

I believe it’s important to know one another more wholly than what is typically dictated by traditional “professional” standards in the US. We are not only researchers, teachers, community organizers, clinicians, administrators, or other professional roles; we are people with families, friends, cultures, emotions, histories… I believe our teaching and research should cautiously connect with every part of our being, and that of our students, subjects, colleagues, and everyone else involved in our work. With this in mind, I share a bit of my personal self on this page.

As the second youngest of five siblings, raised by financially unstable and violently religious parents that placed little importance on education, I was the first to complete high school, as well as undergraduate and graduate studies. While struggling to educate myself, I experienced years of homelessness, poverty, and health problems requiring hospitalizations and surgeries, among other issues. Over the years, professionals from the fields of education and social work helped me overcome these seemingly insurmountable difficulties. I chose to dedicate myself to promoting social justice through education and social work because of those life-changing experiences.

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